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Founded out of unbridled passion and love for all types of sports, Sports It Up Now is a dynamic sports website – a dynamic platform where people from all walks of life can come together to catch up on the latest, most captivating sports news and contribute to the discussion as well. From basketball to football, our love and passion for sports and everything related to them is unbound.

Fueled by our shared love and passion for sports, we strive to offer you a unique experience – telling sports stories, facts, and news with a different twist. By captivating your interest and satiating your desire to consume exciting content about different types of sport from all over the world, we intend to build a strong community based on shared love and passion. Driven by our desire to build a sports news platform of your dreams, we strive to offer authentic news and factoids to inform, entertain and help our readers – allowing them to expand their knowledge and satiate their urge to consume media in a fun and exciting way.




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